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Wholesale buyers are BUZZING about Upside direct digital auctions.

And it’s easy to see why. Upside Direct is the only digital auction built specifically for buyer success. You get clear, transparent CRs that are already trusted by thousands of buyers. You get Complimentary DealShield 21-day Return Guarantee on most listed vehicles for a 100% refund of purchase price and buy fee, allowing you to return the vehicle for any reason. And with no reserves and all bids starting at 50% MMR, you get a shot of walking away with quality inventory for a steal of a price.

Get in on sales of fresh trade-ins located at franchise dealers around the country or around the corner.

Every sale begins with an initial bid that is 50% of MMR. No exceptions.

Every vehicle with a bid above starting price will sell. It’s the place to find a deal (and even some steals).

Our experts provide cosmetic and light mechanical condition reports and 360º images.

If any purchase doesn’t match the CR, you can return the vehicle. We’ll make it easy.*

Get extra protection at no extra cost

In addition to Upside Direct’s already buyer-friendly policies, eligible vehicles come with a complimentary DealShield 21-Day Return Guarantee. Just look for the shield on Upside Direct listings to know you’ll have 21 days to be sure about your purchase.

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*Manheim Marketplace Policies apply.

✝Eligible Upside Direct inventory includes complimentary DealShield protection for 21 days and up to 250 post-purchase miles. Covered vehicles must have: CR score of at least 1.0, sold price below $100,000 and sold price lower than 110% of MMR. As-is units qualify for this promotion. Exclusions from coverage can be found at, section 2.4. Buyers may return a maximum of 3 out of every 10 purchases, not to exceed 10 returns in a quarter

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Cox Automotive is dedicated to providing innovative answers to the biggest challenges dealers face today. Contact us anytime to learn more about Upside Direct as we roll it out across the country. Or browse through some frequently asked questions about this exciting new auction.